Sunday, February 10, 2013

Book Review: Good to Great by Jim Collins

This book is about 11 companies who made a leap from “Good” to “Great” and what caused them to make that leap. And what is the definition of Great? Continuous 15-years highest stock market returns is the definition author uses of which I was highly skeptical about. I am sure there can be many other data and non-data points like Revenue growth, Innovations and Self-disruptions made by the company that can be used or even a longer time horizon wouldn’t hurt. Except this reservation of mine, I liked the way the book is researched and the conclusions are drawn. The book is divided into nine chapters and each chapter is about the common things that the research team found in the 11 companies and did not find in the other non-great companies.

The book makes an interesting read definitely. Though I did not find it ground-breaking but I am sure in 2001 when it got published it must have been. I would give 4 stars to the book and put it in “Can-Read” category. 

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