Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Review: Conversations with Millionaires by Mike Litman

If I would have read the book, it would have made it in my books-i-didn’t-finish shelf in few pages only. Good God!! I listened to the audio book and to say that I was mesmerized would be an understatement. Well, this is not any regular audio-book which is just a rendition of the content, it is the collection of the original radio interview recordings which led to this book. You have to listen to Mike Litman hosting radio show to understand how mediocre and numb Indian radio hosts are. He is so full of energy, well-read and smart that even some of the TV hosts would not be able to match up by his side.


Ah, coming to the content side of the book. Well if you take nine cheap self-help books having the most promising names from any of the railway station bookstand and bind them together, it will not be very different from the current book. The millionaires selected for this book are not any millionaires or even the most successful millionaires – they are the millionaires who are into motivational-speaker-and-self-help-books business themselves. And all throughout the interviews they are establishing how their work is groundbreaking and how they are better than others into this business. By the time you reach fourth or fifth part, you are already sick of their know-it-all-achieved-it-all attitude. Come on man, you are not Bill Gates or Larry Page!! Have some humility.

The ‘millionaires’ are divided into two parts – those who coach about success and others who profess about financial freedom. You can definitely skip the former guys but you can still go through the latter if you have not read any books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Overall, I highly recommend giving this book a skip as well. Maybe you can listen to one or two interviews of Mike Litman to understand to what extent he is better than the rest. Continuously two bad books is making me want something meaty now – have high expectations from the body language book I am reading.

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