Saturday, February 7, 2009

IIM Lucknow Manfest 09 Prelims Answers

(Imported from my earlier blog)
Thanks so much for the comments. The winner of the quiz was Accenture team and our team from DMS, IIT Delhi being the runners-up. The cutoff for the on-venue prelims was around 13. Here are the answers :-

1. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
2. Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders
3. Ergonomics
4. Vodafone
5. BJP campaign in this election
6. Lijjat or Shri Mahila Griha Udyog
7. Customer which are easily convertible and do not require a lot of effort.
8. Archies Gallery
9. Bollywood
11. Raj Thackery
12. Supreme Furnitures
13. IMDB
14. BCG
15. license to Apple
16. Word-of-mouth Advertising
17. Tihar Jail
18. Thomas Cook
19. Bit Torrent
20. Greenpeace
21. C.K. Prahlad and M.S. Krishnan
22. London Olympics Logo designed by Wolff Olins. It seems to resemble the swastika sign of Nazis.
23. Durex